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The Best Time To Buy A New Car - Secret Tips By A Car Salesman

There is a lot of planning and research involved in buying a car. After all, it's the second most expensive thing a person will purchase - next to a home.

But one area that people don't usually think about when car shopping is WHEN to buy. It turns out that some times are better than others for getting your best deal on a new or used car or truck.

What follows are some tips on when to step foot on the dealer's lot, in no particular order:

The end of the month. There's usually a quota for selling a certain number of a model by the end of the month. Sometimes dealers are willing to offer a discount to move more of a model towards the end of the month.

Rainy days. Most people avoid car lots when it's raining. You may be the only prospect to come by on a rainy day. A salesman may want to give you a good deal just so the whole day wasn't wasted for him. But don't seem too eager, because coming out in the rain could be mistaken for a desperate shopper - if you're out in the rain, maybe you are definitely going to buy and thus be an easy sell.

Early in the Week. Avoid car shopping on the weekends for the simple fact that the dealership will be crowded with folks who are planning on buying a car. The sales force have their pick of anyone; Most are going to buy a car because it was their plan for that Saturday or Sunday. Nobody is likely going to get a good deal because the dealership will be awash in customers with cash.

The end of the vehicles "life cycle." If you hear an announcement on the radio, TV or paper about a certain model vehicle being discontinued, you stand to save some major bucks. (But only if the vehicle is not a classic - such as a certain model Mustang or other potentially classic car. Otherwise being discontinued will raise the value sky-high.)

The end of a vehicle's "design cycle." This is when a new version of an older model is about to be introduced. The older version is still being made, but the new model will be the one most people want, so you can get a great deal on the older model - even though it is brand new.

The End of the Model year. This when the new year's models are coming in, and the 'older' models are being replaced (even though the old and new versions are virtually identical). You can get some really good deals here as the dealership wants to move the old versions ASAP.

And last, but perhaps not least, is Christmastime. This can vary according to location, but most dealerships are ghost towns at Christmas, because everyone's shopping for presents - nobody has money or time for car shopping. You could get a good deal here too.


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